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COVID Lockdown Insanity

Hugh McTavish, Ph.D.

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COVID Lockdown Insanity

The COVID Deaths It Prevented,

The Depression and Suicides It Caused,

What We Should Have Done,

And What It Shows We Could Do Now to Address Real Crises


From the Conclusion

It is not a matter of legitimate disagreement whether the lockdowns were a mistake. It is not a matter of legitimate disagreement whether an approach of no mandatory restrictions at all, but just educating people on their risk from COVID and on what modifications to their behavior would reduce that risk and then letting them decide for them-selves whether and how to modify their behavior, would have been a better approach than lockdowns.


Lockdowns have no advantage at all. If you think life is better than death, a long life is better than a shorter life, happiness is better than depression, more money is better than less, education is better than ignorance, child abuse and domestic abuse are bad things, and more personal freedom is better than less, then you agree the lockdowns were a mistake.

Why did we do it? Why did we turn this molehill of COVID-19 into a mountain that justified sacrificing our happiness, our liberty, and the interests of our children for over a year in a futile attempt to reduce deaths from a natural viral upper respiratory tract infection moderately more deadly than the flu?

I think a large part is a desire for our lives to have meaning, to be part of a great cause and great struggle, and to be together with everyone in our society in that cause. . . .




About the Author

Hugh McTavish is the founder and Executive Director of COVID Sanity (COVID-Sanity.org). He is a Ph.D. biochemist and immu-nologist and also a patent attorney. He has authored 18 refereed sci-entific journal articles and is the inventor on 21 U.S. patents. He has started two pharmaceutical companies off of his own inventions—IGF Oncology, LLC, for a targeted drug for cancer, and Squarex, LLC, for a treatment that prevents cold sores or oral herpes virus outbreaks.

The cancer drug invention came as an outgrowth of his having cancer. It was an improvement on the drugs and treatment he received as a cancer patient. The cold sore treatment he invented in order to treat his own frequent cold sores and originally tested on himself. 

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“Hugh McTavish methodically hacks his way beyond the ideologies that

lead to disastrous policy decisions, steadfastly guided by scientific evidence

as well as what it means to be human. Disciplined, bold, simple, and 

profound. A work of great human insight”

– Horst Loeblich, Board Chair

COVID Sanity

“Mr. McTavish  has been a rare voice of rationality during the epidemic,

providing important data and policy evaluations to assist the public in

avoiding fear and understanding the balance of harms and benefits from

efforts to suppress COVID.”

– Kevin Roche, Healthy-Skeptic.com

There are sane, compassionate, and effective ways to deal with a pandemic,

but the US reaction to the coronavirus epidemic of 2020 was none of 

these things. Hugh McTavish’s COVID Lockdown Insanity is a solid and well-

documented exploration of one of the most serious public policy failures 

of our time.

– John Michael Greer, author of The Long Descent and The 

Wealth of Nature